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06/26-27/2010 - Spring Season Championship Weekend
T2 Purple Haze vs. Black & Tan
Black & Tan started this game out with an unassisted goal by John Cancelliere. Purple Haze struck back at 7:35 with Enrico Danise scoring the goal, assisted by Scott Grossman. With 4:20 left in the first period Tom Kennedy scored the go-ahead goal for Purple Haze, with Lou Rivera and Paul Medvedz assisting. Jason Krier scored the lone goal in the second period, unassisted, to tie the game at 2-2. Five minutes into the thrid Black & Tan took the lead back when Jason Krier scored, assisted by John Cancelliere. John Cancelliere then scored his second unassisted goal at 7:45. With 5:16 left in the game Scott VanNortwick scored, assisted by Scott Grossman, to bring Purple Haze within one goal, but the Haze was unable to complete the comeback before time ran out.
Purple Haze:3 Black & Tan:4

T2 Labatt Blue vs. Beige Rage
There was plenty of rage in this game, folks, with Beige Rage starting it and finishing it. At 14:43 of the first period Rob Deluca scored an unassisted goal. Then with 3:51 left in the first Peter Vostrak scored, assisted by Jim Hathaway, and a scant 41 seconds later Russell Trall scored, with assists by Rob Deluca and the mysterious #13. Just under five minutes into the second Dan Ellerth scored, Rob Deluca assisting. Beige raged again with 4:05 left as Brian Moyer scored, with assists from Russell Trall and Gary Guthrie. In the third Gary Guthrie put the final nail in the coffin with an unassisted goal with only 3:29 left in the game. Erich Vidal notched a shut-out victory.
Labatt Blue:0 vs. Beige Rage:6

T2 Chupacabras vs. The Homers - The Urinal Cup
In this high-profile game The Homers started the action at 9:44 with a goal by Mike Silvestri, assited by John Baldwin. In the second period Jason Mengel gave The Homers a two-goal lead, unassisted, at 12:46. Twenty three seconds later Chupacabras struck back with Rich Niesenbaum soring, assisted by Andy Simmons and Keith Scattergood. Five minutes into the third period Michelle Nor scored, assisted by Mark Setar and Joe Gonzalez to tie it up for the Chupacabras - but that ain't all they had. With 1:19 left in the game Tom Little scored, Andy Simmons and Rich Niesenbaum assisting. The Chupacabras successfully avoided the P*ss Plaque.
Chupacabras:3 The Homers:2

T2 Silver Bullets vs. Old Navy - T2 Championship Game
Old Navy played this game with lots of intensity. Bill Thomas scored at 9:38 in the first, assisted by Steph Eagan and Chris Ramsdale. Old Navy scored again at 5:13, with Dan Patton getting the gaol and Rick Snyder an assist. Dan Patton scored again, unassisted, at 6:05 in the second to up the lead to 3. Old Navy sealed the deal in the third when Craid Truscott scored with 4:00 to go, assisted by Karl Parker and Steph Eagan. Tony DeCarolls earned a shout-out victory as Old Navy took home the T2 Championship Cup.
Silver Bullets:0 Old Navy:4

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.

2010 Spring T1 Champions: Belarus
T2 Champs

2010 Spring T2 Champions: Old Navy
T2 Champs
06/19-20/2010 - Spring Season Playoff Weekend
T2 Beige Rage vs. Chupacabras
If you made it to only one first-round playoff game, this was the one to watch. Chupacabras dominated the first period, running up a three-goal lead. Mark Setar scored one goal and Jose Gonzalez two. Assists were awarded to Rich Armstrong, Rich Niesenbaum (2), Michelle Nor, Tom Little and Mark Setar. The second period was a back-and-forth affair. Andy Kamage got Beige Rage on the board in the first minute, with an assist from Dan Ellerth. The Chubacabras came back, scoring at 9:59 (Mark Setar, assisted by Rich Niesenbaum - his third of the night). But Beige Rage was not through yet. Andy Kamage scored again at 5:55, with an assist from Robert DeLuca, to close the gap to two goals. The third period was an epic struggle, with four penalties being issued. All the scoring belonged to Beige Rage, however, as Robert DeLuca scored at 10:37, assisted by Andy Kamage, and then Andy scored her Hat Trick goal at 5:24, assisted by Dan Ellerth. The score was knotted at 4:4 as time ran out. Beige Rage earned a shoot-out win in a highly entertaining game. Andy Kamage had a 4-point night, followed closely by Rich Neisenbaum and Mark Setar with 3 points each.
Beige Rage:5 Chupacabras:4 (Shootout)

T2 The Homers vs. Labatt Blue
Defense was king in this game. Only one goal was scored in the first two periods. Tony Filidore scored for the Homers, assisted by Mike Silvestri and Jason Mengel, at 8:51 of the second. Labatt Blue tied the score at 6:42 of the third as Rick Blum scored, assisted by Art Preble and Brian Ginder. The score remained tied as time ran out. Labatt Blue emerged victorious in the second shootout of the night.
The Homers:1 Labatt Blue:2 (Shootout)

T2 Silver Bullets vs. Black & Tan
Silver Bullets simply would not be denied in this game, scoring three unanswered goals and earning Willie Aston his second shutout win in as many weeks. Tim Quinn scored at 8:40 in the first, assisted by Mike Ludwig and Chuck Austin. Silver Bullets turned the heat way up near the end of the the second period, scoring two goals in rapid succession - Tim Quinn at 3:56 (assisted by Jane Hartman) and Tom Dolon at 3:27 (assisted by Stephen Miller and Marty Gasper).
Silver Bullets:3 Black & Tan:0

T2 Purple Haze vs. Old Navy
This game was another defensive battle, with neither team able to score in the first two periods. The teams' frustration became obvious. A total of 8 penalties - four for each team - were called in the game. Old Navy finally scored in the third period - twice - at 10:15 and 7:15. Both goals were scored by Dan Patton, assisted both times by Scott Miller. Purple Haze shut down the 'Patton-Miller' show for the rest of the game, but were unable to recover.
Purple Haze:0 Old Navy:2

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.

06/13/2010 - Spring Season Week 11
T2 Labatt Blue vs. The Homers
The Homers came out with a bang, getting their first goal only two minutes into the game. Bart Bartholomew scored, assisted by Rob Dabundo. With but milliseconds left on the clock, Bart Bartholomew squeaked in a second goal to bookend the period for The Homers. At 12:34 in the second period Rick Blum scored an unassisted goal for Labatt Blue, and then a second at 6:48 to tie the score, this time with help from Brian Ginder and Dan Christy. At 12:58 of the third period Dennis Baker scored the winning goal for Labatt Blue, assisted by Bill Perelli.
Labatt Blue:3 The Homers:2

T2 Black & Tan vs. Old Navy
Goals were hard to come by in this game. Only one goal was scored in the first two frames - as Dan Patton scored for Old Navy, unassisted, with 3:25 left in the first period. Rick Snyder widened the lead for Old Navy at 13:11 in the third, assisted by Todd Miller. Black & Tan called a time out with 1:42 left. Clearly their strategy worked - as Jason Krier scored - but with only 2.9 seconds left in the game Black & Tan was forced to settle for a one-goal loss.
Black & Tan:1 Old Navy:2

T2 Chupacabras vs. Purple Haze
Let's just say Purple seemed to be in a Haze for this game, folks. The Chupacabras scored in the first period at 14:18 (Mark Wright from Rich Niesenbaum), at 9:46 (Mike Dorn from Joe Gonzalez), at 9:31 (Keith Scattergood from Andy Simmons and Rich Niesenbaum) and once more with 9 seconds remaining (Andy Simmons from Keith Scattergood). The Chupacabras upped their lead to 5 at 7:18 in the second (Keith Scattergood from Rich Niesenbaum). Finally, Purple emerged from the Haze. Ralf Desiderio scored, assisted by Tony Liberto and Lou Rivera, with 12.2 seconds left in the period. The Chupacabras resumed their scoring attack in the third period. Andy Simmons scored, assisted by Rich Armstrong at 13:54, and Rich Niesenbaum scored unassisted at 12:21.
Chupacabras:7 Purple Haze:1

T2 Beige Rage vs. Silver Bullets
The Rage had plenty of good chances but the Bullets owned this contest. The game was scoreless through the first period. Marty Gasper put the Silver Bullets on the board at 13:56, assisted by Steve Miller and Maria Poloni. Nine minutes into the third period Jeremiah Pierson gave the Bullets a two goal lead, with help from Mike Ludwig and Tim Quinn. In a heroic attempt to level the score Beige Rage pulled their goalie but, with 1:17 left in the game, Marty Gasper got the puck to Tim Dolon who hit the empty net. Willie Aston posted a shutout victory.
Beige Rage:0 Silver Bullets:3

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.
06/5-6/2010 - Spring Season Week 10
T2 Labatt Blue vs. Old Navy
Neither team was able to put it past the opposing goalie in the first period. Bill Pirelli 'broke the ice' at 11:36 in the second, assisted by Brad Ginder and Dennis Baker. Bill Pirelli scored again, unassisted, a mere 22 seconds later to give Labatt Blue a 2 goal advantage. Dan Patton answered for Old Navy, assisted by Craig Truscott, cutting the lead to 1. The end of the second was all Old Navy. Todd Miller scored with 4:44 on the clock, assisted by Tommy Lamelza and Dan Patton. Thirty-three seconds later Tommy Lamelza scored, assisted by Steph Eagan and Dan Patton. Todd Miller finished off the second period scoring at 2:37, assisted by Tommy Lamelza. Both goalies stood tall in the third period as well, and Old Navy persevered.
Labatt Blue:2 Old Navy:4

T2 Black & Tan vs. Beige Rage
Beige Rage had the only goal in the first period. With just 3:57 left Dan Ellerth scored, with a rare goalie assist by Mike Slonaker, from Andy Kamage. Black & Tan took the first three goals of the second period. At 8:28 Jody Betz scored, assisted by Rick Mease. At 2:54 John Cancelliere scored, assisted by Jim Hallman, and a minute later Jody Betz scored again, assisted by Dan Violett and Jim Snee. Beige Rage answered with 36.6 left in the second as Rob Deluca put a goal in, assisted by Brian Moyer and Mark Vresk. In the third it was all Black & Tan. John Cancelliere scored an unassisted goal with 4:58 left, and just over a minute later the last goal of game was scored by Jim Snee, assisted by Dan Violett and John Cancelliere.
Black & Tan:5 Beige Rage:2

T2 Purple Haze vs. Silver Bullets
Twelve seconds into the first period Lou Rivera put Purple Haze on the board with an unassisted goal. With only 2:49 left in the first Tim Dolon scored, assisted by Chuck Austin, to tie the game for the Silver Bullets. The second period went scoreless. Purple Haze built a two goal lead in the third with scores by Paul Medvedz, assisted by Ralph Desiderio, at 12:27, and Jeff Smith, assisted by Scott VanNortwick, at 8:36. With 5:22 left in the game Marty Gasper, assisted by Jeromy Olson and Chuck Austin, closed the gap to a single goal. In a valiant effort the Silver Bullets pulled their goalie, but Sam Deangelo ultimately finished them off with an empty-netter, assisted by Lou Rivera.
Purple Haze:2 Silver Bullets:4

T2 The Homers vs. Chupacabras
If you like scoring, this was the game for you. The Homers started the game with three goals - one at 11:37 (Adam Wojtkowski from Anthony Fildore), another at 9:57 (John Baldman from Ron Knoble) and the third at 8:07 (Adam Wojtkowski, unassisted). The Chupacabras responded with 5:27 left in the first as Tom Little scored, assisted by Michelle Nor. At 8:32 in the second period Adam Wojtkowski picked up his hat trick, with an assist from Eric Mesics. With only 7 seconds left in the period Eric Mesics picked up a goal of his own, unassisted. In the third period there was an early flurry of goals by the Chupacabras, who scored at 14:14 (Tom Little from Joe Gonzalez) and at 13:43 (Keith Scattergood, unassisted) to bring the score to 5-3. The Homers answered at 12:52 (Ron Knoble, unassisted) and at 11:53 (Jason Mengle from Adam Wojtkowski and Anthony Fildore) capping a 4-point night for Adam Wojtkowski and a win for The Homers.
The Homers:7 Chupacabras:3

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.
05/29-31/2010 - NO GAMES - Memorial Day Weekend
05/22-23/2010 - Spring Season Week 9

T2 Silver Bullets vs. The Homers
Silver Bullets got the lone first period goal with only 1:30 left as Mike Ludwig scored with Tim Quinn and Marty Gasper assisting. Just under the half way point in the second period Silver Bullets added to their lead on Marty Gasper's goal - Jeremiah Pierson and Tim Quinn assisting. With 2:11 remaining in the third period The Homers ruined Willie Aston's shutout bid as John Musella scored, assisted by Mike Silvestri and Jason Mengel.
Silver Bullets: 2 The Homers:1

T2 Chupacabra vs. Old Navy
Special teams came up big as two of the three goals in this game were scored on power plays. The teams nearly escaped the first period when Bob McHenry scored the sole even-up goal, assisted by Bill Thomas and Tommy Lamelza, putting Old Navy ahead with only 3.5 seconds remaining. In the second period with Mark Setar in the 'sin bin', Todd Miller scored Old Navy's second goal, assisted by Steph Eagan. Later in the second, with Tommy Lamelza in the box, Jose Gonzalez scored - assisted by Tom Little - to pull Chupacabra within one. Rob Reisenweaver mounted a super effort in goal, stopping 30 shots to secure the win for Old Navy.
Chupacabra:1 Old Navy:2

Labatt Blue vs. Black & Tan
With 2:28 left in the first period, Drew Everett scored Black & Tan's only goal of the game, assisted by Jim Hallman. The battle continued in the second period, but went scoreless. Labatt Blue got an early goal at 13:49 in the third, as Dennis Baker scored, assisted by Ed Cronin and Art Preble. Ultimately, the game ended in a tie.
Labatt Blue:1 Black & Tan: 1

T2 Beige Rage vs. Purple Haze
Purple Haze struck first - Lou Rivera from Paul Medvedz - at 8:33 in the first period. Beige Rage tied the game at 8:45 in the second with an unassisted goal by Gary Guthrie. With 5:16 left the second, Lou Rivera scored his second goal of the night, from Paul Medvedz and John Hegdal, to regain the lead for Purple Haze. In the third period Beige Rage put in two quick goals at 14:09 (Jim Hathaway from Dan Ellerth) and again at 12:45 (Brian Moyer from Rich Goy) to put Beige Rage on top once again. But this game wasn't over yet! With a mere 1:58 left in the game Lou Rivera gets a hat trick, assisted by Tom Kennedy & John Hegdal to knot the score at 3.
Beige Rage: 3 Purple Haze:3

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.

05/15-16/2010 - Spring Season Week 8
T2 Chupacabras vs. Black & Tan
Black & Tan owned this game, scoring two goals in the first - Jim Hallman from Jim Snee at 7:32 and Drew Everett from Jody Betz at 3:53. The lone goal in the second (Jason Krier from Jody Betz at 4:22) earned Black & Tan a three goal lead. The Chupacabras finally got on the board at 13:38 in the 3rd with an unassisted goal by Joe Gonzalez. With only 18.8 seconds left in the game Dan Violett scored an unassisted goal to make it a 4-1 win for Black & Tan.
Chupacabras:1 Black & Tan:4

T2 The Homers vs. Purple Haze
Purple Haze scored two goals in the first - Paul Medvedz from Lou Rivera at 11:41 and Lou Rivera (unassisted) at 6:06. The Homers' Eric Mesics scored at 13:50 in the second, assisted by John Musella (d.b.a. Steve Harrington), to bring the game within one goal. The third period was silent with no further goals scored.
The Homers:1 Purple Haze:2

T2 Silver Bullets vs. Old Navy
Old Navy opened the scoring with about 5 minutes left in the first, Tommy Lamelza scoring with an assist from Todd Miller. The Silver Bullets passed Old Navy in the second with two goals - the first by Mike Ludwig, assisted by Tim Quinn at 11:20, and the second by Marty Gasper, assisted by Jane Hartman at 5:23. Old Navy pressed hard to make up the differential at the end of the third period, forcing the Silver Bullets to take a hooking penalty with 36 seconds to go. The Silver Bullets were ultimately able to hold Old Navy off and take the win.
Silver Bullets:2 Old Navy:1

T2 Beige Rage vs. Labatt Blue
Beige Rage started the game off with two goals, Dan Ellerth from Mark Vresk at 10:41 and Gary Guthrie from Rob Deluca and Brian Moyer at 8:01. Labatt Blue got on the board with 4:21 left in the first - Bill Peters scoring with an assist from Bill Perelli. Labatt Blue was silent in the second, and Beige Rage took advantage by picking up two more goals - Rob Deluca from Rich Goy at 6:51 and Jim Hathaway from Brian Black at 3:22. Midway through the third period Labatt Blue cut the lead in half with a goal by Tony Sucic, assisted by Bill Peters and Art Preble.
Beige Rage:4 Labatt Blue:2

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.
05/9/2010 - Spring Season Week 7 - No T2 games - Mother's Day
05/02/2010 - Spring Season Week 6
T2 Black & Tan vs. Silver Bullets
Both Black & Tan and Silver Bullets looked like they had FOT-lag with no goals in the first. Silver Bullets started things off at 12:23 in the second with a goal by Tim Dolan, assisted by Tim Quinn. Black & Tan turned up their game to tie it at 7:46 with a goal by Jason Krier, assisted by Bill Young. With 4:16 left in the second Jody Bets took a slap shot from the point for a goal, assisted by Jason Krier. The battle continued in the third, with both teams giving their all. Ultimately Tim Roland tied the game for Silver Bullets with 5:56 left, assist by Rob Syvret.
Black & Tan:2 Silver Bullets:2

T2 Labatt Blue vs. Chupacabras
Labatt Blue started the first period off on the right foot with a goal at 11:17 by Bill Perelli, assisted by Ed Cronin and John Kennedy. At 8:49 one Chupacabra took exception to the second penalty called on him in the period. The ensuing debate with the ref - even with the full support of a teammate - turned out to be ill-conceived. His PIM's increased by 14, and his teammate's by 2. The remaining Chupacabras stepped up and killed all the penalties and - with just 13.7 seconds left in the first period - Joe Gonzalez scored a tying goal, assisted by Rock Boehm. In the second the Chupacabras come out flying. Mark Setar scored an unassisted goal at 9:43, and just over a minute later Mark set up Mike Dorn to give the Chupacabras a two goal lead. Rock Boehm made it a three goal lead in the third with assists from Andy Simmons and Rich Niesenbaum at 7:42. With 3:39 left in the game Ed Cronin, assisted by Bill Perelli and Bill Peters, tried for a Labatt Blue comeback, but Chupacabra sealed the deal with 51.4 seconds left on a goal by Andy Simmons, assisted by Rock Boehm.
Labatt Blue:2 Chupacabras:5

T2 Old Navy vs. Purple Haze
Old Navy took it to Purple Haze. Bob McHenry scored a pair for Old Navy, assisted twice by Todd Miller and once each by Chris Ramsdale and Michele Lamelza. Bob notched a three-point night as he and Michele assisted Stephanie Eagan on another Purple Haze goal. Tommy Lamelza also got onto the score sheet, scoring a goal with an assist from Chris Ramsdale (his second of the night).
Old Navy:4 Purple Haze:0

T2 The Homers vs. Beige Rage
This game was all Beige Rage - all the time, even though there was no scoring in the first. At 14:23 in the second Jim Hathaway, assisted by Brian Moyer, put Beige Rage in the lead. Then with 2:05 remaining in the second, Mark Vresk scored an unassisted goal for a 2-0 lead. With 10:14 left in the third the final nail was hammered into the coffin by Rich Goy, assisted by Gary Guthrie and Andy Kamage.
The Homers:0 Beige Rage:3

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.
04/25/2010 - Spring Season Week 5
T2 Silver Bullets vs. Labatt Blue
This game started out all defense - and ended all defense - for both teams. Each team had their share of shots and dings off the goal post, but in the end Erich Vidal (Labatt Blue) and Willie Aston (Silver Bullets) stopped everything that came their way. The game ended in a double shutout!
Silver Bullets:0 Labatt Blue:0

T2 The Homers vs. Old Navy
In a balanced attack that saw 5 different players score, Old Navy blew open a tight game in the 2nd period to win 6-2 over The Homers. The Homers, recently decimated by a season-ending injury to Steve "Mr. Everything" Harrington, called up the incomparable Johnny "Moose" Musella from 'The Barts' to take his place. Old Navy has also been hit with the injury bug, as team goalie and funny-man Tony DeCarolis has been sidelined for the past month. Old Navy scorers were Bob McHenry (2), Steph Eagan, Tommy Lamelza and Dan Patton, assisted by Dan Patton (2), Bill Thomas, Rich Snyder, Tommy Lamelza and Michele Lamelza. The Homers' goals were scored by Mike Silvestri and John Baldwin, assisted by Eric Mesics, Ted Ralphs and Bart Bartholomew.
The Homers:2 Old Navy:6

T2 Beige Rage vs. Chupacabras
Beige Rage grabbed all the glory in the first period, opening the game with two goals. The first was at 11:56, scored by Rob Deluca and assisted by Mark Vresk. The second came with just 16 seconds left in the period - again scored by Rob D., assisted by Mark V. and Russell Thrall. At 13:14 in the second period Brian Moyer scored, assisted by Mark V., to give Beige Rage a three goal lead, and Mark a three point night. (Actually, Mark added 5 points to the stat sheet, if you count his 2 PIM.) Still in the second, Chupacabra got on the board at 10:25 with a Mark Setar goal; Michelle Nor and Rick Boehm assisting. At 12:54 in the third Rich Niesenbaum notched another Chupacabra goal, with an assist from Michelle N. and Andy Simmons. At 8:33 Rob D. put a damper on the Chupacabra comeback with an unassisted goal, and earned himself a three-point night as well. Undaunted, and with only 12 seconds left in the game, Chupacabra narrowed the margin as Rich N. scored his second goal of the night, but ultimately Chupacabra fell just short.
Beige Rage:4 Chupacabras:3

T2 Purple Haze vs. Black & Tan
This game was all Black & Tan. With 5:38 left in the first period John Cancelliere scored the first goal with an assist by Jason Krier. In the second period their roles were reversed, with Jason K. getting a goal and John C. the assist. Midway through the third period Rich Henry scored a goal, assisted by Jim Snee. Forty seconds later the last goal of the game was scored by Drew Everett, assisted by Jason Krier. Jason earned a three point night and Don Detwiler earned a shutout as Black & Tan closed out the game at 4-0.
Purple Haze:0 Black & Tan:4

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.
04/18/2010 - Spring Season Week 4
T2 Beige Rage vs. Old Navy
In a battle of teams 7 and 8 in the standings, Old Navy broke through with their 1st win of the season. Todd Miller (from Steph Eagan) scored for Old Navy and Brian Moyer registered a goal (from Robert Deluca and Mark Vresk) for Beige Rage. Tied at 1-1 going into the 3rd, Old Navy found their legs and took it to Beige Rage. Dan Patton (from Tommy Lamelza) and Rick Snyder (from Bob McHenry) scored for Old Navy. It was a satisfying win for Old Navy, but when the night was over both teams would move up one notch in the standings.
Old Navy:3 Beige Rage:1

T2 Labatt Blue vs. Purple Haze
Lou Rivera put Purple Haze on the board at 6:00 in the 1st with an assist by Paul Medvedz. Labatt Blue tied the game with a goal by Bill Peters at 13:48 in the third, but it didn't last long as Lou scored again a scant 26 seconds later, with an assist by Tom Kennedy, to put Purple Haze back on top. That didn't turn out to be enough, though, as Labatt Blue turned up the heat. Bill Perelli got an assist from Dennis Baker to re-tie the game with only 7:19 left. Labatt Blue put their star of the game Art Preble on the ice. Art, with an assist from Ed Cronin and Rick Blum, scored to secure the win for Labatt Blue with less than 2 minutes to play.
Labatt Blue:3 Purple Haze:2

T2 Chupacabras vs. Silver Bullets
This game went scoreless through the 1st with both teams getting their chances. With 12:14 left in the 2nd Jeromy Olson put in the first goal of the game for the Silver Bullets, assisted by Stephen Miller and Marty Gasper. Team captain Marty Gasper, assisted by Mike Ludwig, gave the Silver Bullets a 2-goal lead with 1:26 remaining. Still in the 2nd, the Chupacabras got their first goal with only 33 seconds left as Andy Simmons, standing all alone in front of the net, got the puck from Jose Gonzalez and put it past goalie Willie Aston. With 5:42 left the 3rd Rich Niesenbaum got a lucky bounce* off the face-off and scored, unassisted, to tie the game. Mark Wright suffered a cut on his nose in the 2nd period and finished the game in true hockey style, all taped up and not missing a shift.
Chupacabras:2 Silver Bullets:2
*Full disclosure: This game account was submitted by the opposing goalie.

T2 Black and Tan vs. The Homers
The Homers scored first with 14:19 left in the 1st on a goal by Bart Bartholomew, assisted by Mike Silvestri. With 8:16 remaining in the 1st Jody Betz tied the score for Black & Tan with an unassisted, shorthanded goal, and with only 57 seconds to go Drew Everett got the go-ahead goal, with an assist from Bill Young. Neither team was able to score in the 2nd period. Black and Tan was unable to hold off The Homers in the third as Anthony Filidore tied it up, with an assist from John Baldwin, with 7:39 remaining.
Black & Tan:2 The Homers:2

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.
04/11/2010 - Spring Season Week 3
T2 The Homers vs. Labatt Blue
This hard-fought game resulted in few goals being scored - which is not to say that there we few scoring chances. The Homers pressed early, drawing a hooking penalty on Labatt Blue's Dan Christy. Labatt Blue survived the penalty, and Brian Ginder finally rung up a goal for them, assisted by Tony Sucic, with 5:37 left in the first. The battle continued unabated in the second, with The Homers forcing yet another hooking penalty - this time on Labatt Blue's Bill Perelli. After another successful penalty kill, Rick Blum scored an unassisted goal for Labatt Blue with 2:48 left in the second period. Neither team was able to score in the third period. Erich Vidal preserved his shut-out and was named "Star of the Game" by his teammates.
Labatt Blue:2 The Homers:0

T2 Purple Haze vs. Chupacabras
This game was a see-saw affair. Rick Boehm struck first for the Chupacabras midway through the first, assisted by Mark Setar. Purple Haze brought it on late in the first period. Lou Rivera, assisted by Paul Medvedz, scored with 5:00 remaining, and Sam DeAngelo scored a power-play goal (interference - Michelle "The Enforcer" Gairo), assisted by Lou Rivera, with only 25 seconds left in the period. Chupacabras fought back in the second and tied the score on a goal by Andy Simmons, assisted by Michelle Nor, with 7:18 remaining. "The Enforcer" didn't quite escape the remainder of the period and was off to the 'Sin Bin' again, this time for tripping. In the third period Purple Haze managed to kill off a too-many-men-on-the-ice penalty, and Ralph Desiderio scored the go-ahead goal for Purple Haze (unassisted) with 7:46 left. Tony Liberto notched an insurance goal, also unassisted, a scant 47 seconds later.
Purple Haze:4 Chupacabras:2

T2 Old Navy vs. Black and Tan
The game was rough-and-tumble (by T2 standards) and three penalties were called on each side. Drew Everett scored a power play goal for Black and Tan (assisted by Jason Krier) with 4:04 left in the first period. In the second period Jim Snee scored again (unassisted) for B&T. Black and Tan also managed to kill off three penalties in the second period, with Don Detwiler playing a fantastic game in goal. Both offenses turned it up in the third period, with each team scoring two goals. For Black and Tan it was Jason Krier (assisted by Drew Everett) and Inge Bouchard (assisted by Jim Snee and Drew Everett). Old Navy scored their goals late in the third. Steph Egan scored her second goal of the season, and Dan Patton scored his first goal in his first game with just 0:02 remaining.
Black and Tan:4 Old Navy:2

T2 Silver Bullets vs. Beige Rage
This was another back-and-forth affair, although neither team was able to score in the first period. Stephen Miller opened the scoring in the second period for the Silver Bullets, assisted by Jeromy Olsen and Marty Gasper. Beige Rage answered just over three minutes later with an unassisted goal by Brian Moyer. Silver Bullets jumped out ahead in the third, with Maria Poloni scoring, assisted by Robert Syvret. Beige Rage came back yet again, as John Tiosto scored, assisted by Mark Vresk with 6:52 remaining. Stephen Miller scored a go-ahead goal for the Silver Bullets, assisted by Mike Karoleski, with 4:30 left in the third. Beige Rage called a time out with 1:15 remaining, but despite a noble effort they were unable to tie the game a third time.
Silver Bullets:3 Beige Rage:2

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.
03/28/2010 - Spring Season Week 2
T2 Chupacabras vs. The Homers
Chupacabras hit the scoreboard early in the game, but The Homers came back with 5 unanswered goals. Chupacabras got one additional goal but couldn't overcome The Homers' strong showing.
The Homers:5 Chupacabras:2

T2 Silver Bullets vs. Purple Haze
Purple Haze struck @ 6:43 in the first with Lou Rivera standing alone in front of Willie Aston for an easy top shelf goal. Purple Haze brought it on again @ 12:23 in the 2nd with a goal by Scott VanNortwick (assist by Paul Medvedz). Halfway through the 3rd Silver Bullets scored a PP goal by Bob Syvret. Silver Bullets pulled their goalie for an extra attacker at the end of the game but wasn't able to bring it home.
Silver Bullets:1 Purple Haze:2

T2 Labatt Blue vs. Old Navy
Old Navy was extremely shorthanded in the 'Battle of the Blues', playing with only 8 players against a very deep and talented Labatt Blue team. Steph Eagan put Old Navy up 1 in the 1st period, with Bill Peters tying it in the 2nd for Labatt Blue. Tommy Lamelza drilled a slap shot in the net to put Old Navy up 2-1 early in the 3rd, but Tony Sucic's sweet wrist shot from inside the blue line knotted the game at 2-2 with under 2 minutes to go. Tony DeCarolis was huge in goal for Old Navy, saving 33 of 31 shots.
Labatt Blue:2 Old Navy:2

T2 Beige Rage vs. Black and Tan
Beige Rage spread their 4 goals throughout the game. Black and Tan put one up in the 3rd, but ultimately they couldn't calm the Rage.
Beige Rage:4 Black and Tan:1

Note: Goal, assist and penalty attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.
03/21/2010 - Spring Season Week 1
Well fans, another exciting GHL season is upon us! Excuse us if these are a bit rough around the edges due to opening-day issues. Goals are attributed to player's names where possible (i.e., when the score sheet included players' sweater numbers). Please note that goal attributions within game descriptions are unofficial. Official goal tallies can be found on the league Stats sheet.

T2 Purple Haze vs. Beige Rage
Neither team scored for the first ten minutes, then Purple Haze went on a tear and scored four in the next eight minutes the last one shorthanded [Medvedz(2), Grossman, VanNortwick]. Purple Haze did not escape the period unscathed, however, as Beige Rage scored [Hathaway] with 1:21 left in the first. Both teams then settled in and neither managed to score in the last two frames.
Purple Haze:4 Beige Rage:1

T2 Black and Tan vs. Labatt Blue
Black and Tan started the game on fire, tallying three scores [#4(2), #9] in the first period. They added another [#4(Hat trick)] in the 2nd. Labatt Blue came blazing back in the 3rd with three unanswered goals [#8, #12, #2] but in the end were not able to offset a strong early performance by Black and Tan.
Black and Tan:4 Labatt Blue:3

T2 Old Navy vs. Chupacabras
Old Navy started the scoring quickly [#11] at about 1-1/2 minutes into the first period. Chupacabras tied the score [#7] with under 5 minutes left to go in the frame. Old Navy jumped ahead again [#4] midway through the 2nd, but the Chupacabras were not through. They pulled out a tie [#11] with only 2:11 left in the game.
Old Navy:2 Chupacabras:2

T2 Silver Bullets vs. The Homers
Silver Bullets scored first [Quinn] with 6:24 left in the first period. The Homers came roaring right back and tied the game 24 seconds later [Harrington]. The rest of the game was a defensive struggle, with no additional goals scored. Silver Bullets's Willie Aston stopped 28 of 29 S.O.G. and The Homers's Tai DeSa stopped 23 of 24.
Silver Bullets:1 The Homers:1
03/07/2010 - Fall Championships
T2 Silver vs. Yellow
In a dominating effort, team Silver took it to Team Yellow 4-2, to capture 5th place in the Fall T2 division. Using their Billy Smith inspired "perimeter passing" offense, team Silver got 2 goals from Bill Schopf to seal the deal. Senior Geezer Dr. Tom Little led Yellow with 2 goals, including a penalty shot in the 2nd period. When asked about falling 4-2 to team Silver, losing goalie Cheese replied, "Yo, pass the pretzels a-holes!"

T2 Red vs. Black
This game was a defensive battle. All but 18 seconds had passed in the first period before a puck hit the strings, with Musella, assisted by Marceau, finally getting one past Gaffney. The intensity of the game was evidenced by penalties taken on both sides - Austin for Black (Holding) and Hartzell for Red (Interference). Red finally broke through halfway through the third period, with Newton scoring on Detwiler, assisted by Fritz. Black called a time out to prepare for a final push, but time expired with the score still knotted at 1:1.

T2 Urinal Cup: Vegas vs. Orange
William Aston helped Vegas avoid the urinal cup in a shootout by stopping all three shooters. Bill Perrelli took the Orange goalie high blocker to win the match for Vegas. The game wasn't pretty, but then again this was the T2 urinal cup which some believe is more difficult to avoid. With both teams fighting to elude the embarrassment of lifting the urinal cake, it was a hard fought match on both sides.

T2 Championship: Green vs. Blue
Already short two skaters, Team Green lost Mitch Cooper almost immediately to a broken collarbone. Dan Cristy scored first for Blue, assisted by Scott Matthews and Mike Dorn, followed by an interference penalty on Maria "The Hooligan" Poloni. Blue escaped the power play, but not the period as Lou Rivera scored for Team Green with about three minutes remaining, assisted by Steve Harrington and John Cancelliere (and followed by the deafening sound of pots and pans, garbage cans, air horns and cowbells). Team Green pulled ahead in the second period on a goal by Lou Rivera (again), assisted by Steve Harrington (again). Blue would not be denied, however, as they tied the score in the third on a goal by Bart Bartholomew, assisted by Adam Wojtkowski and Mike Dorn (again). Regulation time ended with the teams tied, and the night was to see its second T2 overtime and shootout with a trophy at stake. Jeff Violett and Waldy Ramirez came up strong in goal, closing out the overtime and most of the shootout. Ultimately Team Green emerged victorious as Violett shut the door on Blue's last shooter.
T1 Championship Night Highlights
For the 2nd consecutive year, the T1 Championship Game for the Geezer Cup was won 4-3 in OT by Black (Target Alpha) over Blue (Jet Spin). The game featured the league's 2nd and 3rd leading scorers in Urs Wellhoener and Greg Ambrogi, and while each scored a goal, it was Doug Grossman's two tallies that gave #1 seed Black the lead until #2 seed Blue's two 3rd period goals tied the game in regulation. With less than two minutes remaining in OT, former Olympic figure skater Evgeny Sviridov scored the championship winning goal.

The Consolation Round final for the Toilet Bowl was also a drama filled affair that ended 4-3. Purple (Slick Chick) capped a comeback from a 3-0 deficit on a deflection by John Campbell with 8 seconds left. Down 3-1 with less than 3 minutes to go, two goals by Mike Hunter put the #7 seed in position to follow up last week's comeback from a 4-0 3rd period deficit, this time against the #5 seed Silver (Poker Face).

All remaining games were also upsets:

4th seed Light Blue (Centigrade 37) slipped by 3rd seed Vegas Gold (Diamond Jack) 2-1, led by Scott Quilty's goal and assist.

9th seed Orange (Gypsy Queen) hammered 8th seed Green (Sittin' Pretty) 7-0 with a monster 6 point night (2G, 4A) by Chris Coyle, 4 points (2G, 2A) by Joe McGill, and a shutout by John McKissick.

10th seed Yellow (Fast Draw) slipped by 6th seed Red (Egg Head) 4-3.

Great season, everyone! See you in Spring league.
02/28/2010 - Game Highlights
T2 Orange vs. Silver
Silver out-skated Orange for most of the first two periods, slowly building up a two-to-zip lead by the end of the second period on goals by Peters and Fox. As he did all season Kerns played extremely well in the net, letting in only two goals after countless shots. Early in the third period Orange finally broke the shutout with a goal by Ralphs. Most of the period was fairly competitive, with Orange looking to tie the game and Silver looking to put it away. In a flurry towards the end of the game Peters and Schopf scored two quick goals for Silver, followed by a goal on their own goalie (credited to Bouchard). An empty netter by VanNortwick finished things off. Silver 5, Orange 2.

T2 Yellow vs. Vegas
In a very close game, the resurging Banana Hammocks were able to score with 6 minutes left to defeat 5th seeded Vegas 4-3. Captain Rich Niesenbaum's goal in the 3rd pd propelled team Yellow to their 4th victory in the last 5 games.

T2 Red vs. Green
Red came out of the gate quickly looking to overwhelm Green right from the start. With the backing of a large and raucous crowd, Green fought back with three unanswered goals as John Cancelliere netted the game winner in the second period to earn a 4-2 victory.

T2 Black vs. Blue
Blue gets the better of Black with a 3-0 win. Blue got an early goal in the game to set the pace. It finished off in the third with a deflection from the point. Johnny O and Joe G both from black get the check of the game when they ran into each other at the blue line while Joe was trying to enter the zone with the puck.

T1 Playoff Round 1 Summary
The T1 playoffs kicked off looking more like the Olympic opening round than the finals, with lopsided scores in every game but one... which was decided in the 10th round of a shootout. Like the Super Bowl, which featured the league's top two teams for the first time in more than a decade, the top two teams will play in the Geezer Cup at 9:15pm on Sunday. And once again, it'll be "Black and Blue."

1st seed Target Alpha (Black) dominated 4th place Centigrade 37 (Light Blue) with a 4-goal, 1-assist performance by Urs Wellhoener, who would like to win a championship after being on 3 consecutive President's Trophy winning teams (the one with the best regular season record). Neither of the previous two went on to win the Geezer Cup. Light Blue was without Scott Quilty, and Kevin Gertz was the lone goal-scorer.

2nd seed Jet Spin (Blue) beat 3rd place Diamond Jack (Vegas Gold) 6-3 in a game that was held close until the 3rd period by Jeff Metzger's two 2nd period power play goals. In a penalty-filled game (13 in all), Blue's balanced attack featured six different goal scorers -- including Mike Wieand with what proved to be the game-winner late in the 2nd.

5th place Poker Face (Silver) won 4-1 over the 8th seed, who were Sittin' Pretty only after notching the game's first goal. Then, led by James Hardy's assist and two goals, including the game winner, Silver tallied the rest. They'll meet Slick Chick (Purple) this Sunday in a re-match of last week's game in which Silver erased a 4-0 deficit only to lose 5-4.

Speaking of 4-0 deficits, it was 7th seed Purple's turn to try and dig out of the hole, after 6th place Egg Head's (Red) Mike Sosnowsky put his team ahead with 2 goals and 2 assists. Then Purple's John Lincavage took over, scoring the team's first and his first of 3 with under 9 minutes to go in the game. In 4-on-4 OT a goal by Red was waived off due to a player in the goal crease, setting up a shootout that would last awhile. After scoring on their 1st and 2nd shots, Red was stopped the next 8 times by John Scaffidi. Purple scored on their 2nd and 3rd shots, then were stopped 6 times until Link, shooting again because each member of the team had made an attempt, slipped the puck under Stealthmeister Chico.

In the Battle for the Basement, 9th seed Gypsy Queen (Orange) scored early and often, opening up a 3-0 lead at the end of one period on their way to a 7-3 victory over 10th place Fast Draw (Yellow). Phil Rongo scored a hat trick, Sean Bauder scored two, and Chris Coyle had 4 assists.
02/21/2010 - Game Highlights
T2- Orange vs. Gold
Both teams played great. Fun game to play. Gold out skated orange most of game. Orange turned it up in third but fell short 4-1.

T2 - Green vs. Black
The game goes scoreless through the first. Green puts in their only goal of the game in the second and Black poured it on in the third with two goals to win. Both goalies had some great saves with Detwiler seeing almost 50 shots. Exciting game.

T2 - Yellow vs. Blue
Dan Christy's hat trick helped blow open a tight game after 2 periods against yellow. Only up 2-1 after 2 periods, team Blue scored 4 goals in the 3rd period on the way to a 6-2 win over Doormat yellow. Wally Ramirez was dominant over the Cheese in stopping 25 of 27 shots.

T1 - Season Wrap up
To have any hope of making the Geezer Cup four-team playoff, Centigrade 37 (Light Blue) needed a win and some help. They got both. A hat-trick from Dave Fritz and 4 assists from John Shucavage were the keys in a 5-1 over Egg Head (Red), whose league-leading scorer Tony Depalma was quieted by goalie Jason Fritzinger.

Help came in the form of a win by Slick Chick (Purple) over Poker Face (Silver), who were clinging to 4th place after a strong start to the season gave way to a losing skid. The opposite story played out in this game, as Silver were down 4-0 early on the strength of two Brad Cramer goals, then came roaring back to tie. They would have completed the miracle comeback were it not for John Scaffidi's >35 saves and a winning goal with 3 minutes remaining by Mike Hunter.

Target Alpha (Black), in 1st place for virtually the entire season, secured the "President's Trophy" by beating Gypsy Queen (Orange) 5-3. Urs Wellhoener had a typically strong game on the point, setting up Doug Grossman and Evgeniy Sviritov. Chris Coyle scored two goals for Orange.

Jet Spin (Dark Blue) scored early and often, dominating Sittin' Pretty (Green) in an 8-3 win, with Greg Ambroggi factoring in on several of its goals. The win cemented their hold on 2nd place, setting up a playoff meeting with Diamond Jack.

Diamond Jack (Vegas Gold) earned 3rd place -- the same seeding of the last two Geezer Cup championship teams -- by beating Fast Draw (Yellow) 4 - 2, led by Greg Russell's 2 goals that overcame a strong game by net minder Al Davidson.